If you are looking for office space to rent, we have the whole first floor available for you. This means 450 sq.m. located in our company building in Pulawska street on the corner of Olszewska street.

The entrance is in Pulawska street and the building itself is located in direct vicinity from bus and tram stops, and a mere 10 minutes walk from the underground station.

The building is equipped with a ramp for the disabled, a lift, partial air conditioning, (the option to open windows is also available), high-ceiling rooms and 24-hour security.

The offices on the first floor have a balcony along Pulawska street.

For detailed information please call Mr. Marek Wnuczak tel. +22 849 48 51 ext. 235 or 601 307 518.

Set up your offices in a friendly environment!